Monthly Prompts

Brandon Christian Writers is not just a social club. We want our members to get some critique on their writing. Each month we choose a prompt to write from--a topic to inspire us.

You can take the prompt anywhere you would like, be it nonfiction or fiction, prose or poetry, a complete story or an excerpt from a larger work. 

You'll find the coming month's prompt in the sidebar to the right--or subscribe to our blog by email to have the prompt sent right to your inbox.

Please make several copies to bring to the meeting. (Ten is a good number generally--if there's not quite enough we can share.)

Please keep your piece under 1,000 words. 

You'll be asked to read your story out loud. This is NOT required. If you'd like to share your piece but don't want to read out loud, someone else in the group will be happy to read it for you. And you will never be pressured to participate in this; it is entirely up to you.

Our purpose is to encourage, not to nit-pick your work to death. Therefore we offer constructive critique in order to help you improve your writing.

Oh, and what if you don't find the prompt inspiring, but you have another story or poem you would like to share instead? Go for it! The prompt is only there as a guide--you are welcome to share any work you would like feedback on.