Monday, May 24, 2010

Bette J. Lafferty 5/10/2010

The emotion deep inside
my being
bubbles up like
a fountain of
dancing waters.

The unspoken motion
builds within my core,
waiting its time
like a volcano
to give up its fire.

The color of my love
is like the rainbow
captured in
floating liquid

Reds, yellow, greens and blue
all abound
look around.
The joy is

Like molten glass
in shades too breathtaking
to describe,
comes tender moments
of passion divine.

Once released,
it sings its songs
of gold and silver cords,
intertwined with richness and grace
like a diamond without flaw.

Who, but God, could
freely give
such delight,
in complete surrender,
to those He loves.

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