Monday, July 26, 2010

Right on Time

Three little words dried my tears – and quickly. When He speaks, peace comes.

One Sunday during worship time, tears spilled from my eyes as I noticed the many couples praising God together. I so wanted my husband RJ by my side.

But, he had not yet come to the place of surrender, the step into belief, the beauty of relationship with the Creator.

Most of the time, attending church alone didn’t bother me. I was focused on my own spiritual journey as God revealed things in me that needed to change.

This particular Sunday, however, I couldn’t stop crying because time was slipping away. Would my husband ever join me in worship? The “two becoming one” vision seemed light years away.

Suddenly, as I raised my hands again to praise, His words pressed into my mind and heart. Not an audible voice – I’ve never had that privilege. Instead, three little words paced evenly through my head – “In MY time.”

Peace overtook me and tears dried mid-stream. My cheeks drew in a huge grin and the Lord’s joy soothed like a salve. Never before had I felt such a divine impression – this deep knowing that God cared about the details of my life and the deepest desire of my heart. I felt like the daughter of a protective and loving Father.

To this day, I don’t fret when I pray about my husband’s coming-soon change of heart. Those three little words are as fresh now as then. And “in His time” means it’s an already done deal and a perfectly sealed promise. Through dried tears I’m assured that Father knows best.

So for now, I wait and trust, for it’s simply a matter of time.

Cheryl Johnston - June 24, 2010

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