Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hello Writers

The February 24th meeting of Brandon Christian Writers was an inspiration for all who attended. We elected officers for 2011 and members shared their writing aspirations for the year and ideas they were currently working on. Each writer shared a brief bio and expressed their special writing interest.

We are blessed to have such a diverse group of writers who share so many interesting stories and story ideas that spark all of our imaginations. Many are working on non-fiction articles, some are writing to a prompt that is a valuable exercise for any writer and others are working on book length projects for publication. Our published authors offer valuable tips and insight into the publishing and marketing world.

The mission of Brandon Christian Writers is to encourage, educate, and entertain writers and readers alike. Our goal is to equip writers for success in their chosen genre. New writers and published authors are always welcome.
The writing group offers critiques on writing projects to help writers who are endeavoring to understand the basic elements of writing well. I am happy to say that we have had marvelous success in the past several years with many in our group seeing their names on book covers, in anthologies, and bylines.

We hope to see you next month, March 24th.

Ruth C. Ellinger, President
Brandon Christian Writers

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