Thursday, June 30, 2011

BCW Website Changes

Hello, folks. Kat here. In case you haven't noticed, we've been making some changes here on the BCW blog. I thought I'd post a bit of a summary about what is going on.

We've added pages to the blog. So take a look at the menu bar above and do some clicking. You'll find out more information about monthly prompts, books and anthologies by our members, and where to find our members on the web.

Some of the things we intend to post on this blog:

  • Writing opportunities and story call-outs.
  • Information about member book releases and signings.
  • Member news such as story sales and finished manuscripts--anything that shows you are working and progressing in your writing journey. Baby steps are welcome!
  • Information about the Florida Inspirational Writers Retreat.
  • Prompts for upcoming meetings.
  • Information on upcoming guest speakers.
  • Local events for writers.
  • Other stuff. You never know what might be of interest :).

Remember, the news is all about BCW members. If you are part of our group you should have the contact info needed to submit your news. Please pay attention to the emails that come through from BCW so you can stay involved.

The goal is to make this someplace informative and fun. A place to "meet" in between meetings. A place to show the world what BCW is all about. (OK, maybe not the world, but anyone who happens to stumble upon this site.)

Hopefully you are already following this blog. If not, please do so. And if you just simply can't do the Google account thing, you can follow by email, by submitting your email address in that little box there in the upper right.

That's all for today. Check back for new changes as we get them up here. And most of all, stick with us and keep up to date on all things BCW!

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