Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Update from BCW President Ruth Ellinger

Hello Writers,

This summer, I had two writing events that were exceptionally fun and profitable. Neither event involved sitting in a store hoping someone would find my book interesting enough to buy. Recently, I have been exploring some options to the traditional “book signing” and finding these opportunities quite rewarding. I’m sure I will continue to do store signings after a book release, but it is good to explore the other options so readers can become acquainted with our work.

One event was a Scottish International Gathering of Clans that hosted a Davidson Clan booth at the Kansas City Scottish Games. Since my historical novels contain a Scottish theme, I was invited to seal my trilogy from the booth. The success in this non traditional setting was outstanding and I had so much fun! I sold loads of books with orders for more. I have also made some valuable international connections and received invitations to participate in other clan events right here in FL.

Another unusual event was out annual high school alumni event in Ohio. One of the alumni organizers had visited my web site and asked if I would speak about my books and about writing. I accepted with the same outstanding results. Sold lots of books and was invited to other bookish events. That same weekend, the town was hosting a tour of historical homes where our cookbook was featured in one of the homes. This spawned interest in my current writing.

Who wouldda thought? So don’t just look in the obvious places to promote your work. There are thousands of ways to get your “self” out there. Any unique suggestions from our members?

Ruth Ellinger, President
Brandon Christian Writers

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