Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Book Sales Advice from Ruth Ellinger

Hello Writers!

I have just returned from a working vacation trip to OH and am looking forward to our next BCW meeting August 25th with guest speaker, Sheryl Young.

While in OH, I delivered books to a variety of gift shops including the beautiful Glenlaurel Inn. This upscale Inn sells the Wildrose trilogy in addition to other lovely items. Online ordering is available.

This particular area of OH is the setting of my ‘Wildrose’ trilogy and has a number of unique shops frequented by summer visitors from all over the US. This it is a lively market for selling this trilogy.

On this note, my last post encouraged writers to seek unique events for marketing their work and this time, I would suggest that you not forget those privately owned and unique shops that lend themselves to high end and nostalgic buyers.

For one exclusive shop, I painted a small antique cupboard burgundy and found an oval framed painting in a thrift shop that suited the Wildrose theme. This shop charges 10 percent commission and they are happy to have my books of local interest. The hutch has shelving at the top and storage at the bottom so the staff can add books as needed. I do a brisk business from the little hutch. Every month I receive a nice check for books I am selling myself (and I’m not even there). My royalty could never match this.

Okay, you ‘creative writers’ out there;, find your niche in non-traditional shops and watch the sales grow!

Blessings to all,

Ruth Ellinger, President
Brandon Christian Writers

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