Monday, October 31, 2011

A Note From Ruth Ellinger--Brush Strokes Award

Hello Writers,

Sorry to miss BCW’s October meeting, but was presenting an award at the 2011 greater Brandon Arts Council Brush Strokes Awards. Whew! Long name. I met so many interesting people through this one event and found it amazing that there are so many talented and compassionate people in our community. Very impressive.

“The Arts” not only include visual arts; painting, sculpting, and other forms of visual art, but other art forms such as writing, composing, drama, and music. This annual event is an all-inclusive night for the entire scope of creative arts, and those who support the arts and give generously to these community endeavors. The arts are the heartbeat and inspiration of any community, a wonderful and unique part of our society that we should celebrate every year with such events as the Arts Council awards presentations.

The gal with the hat is Betty Jones, "Love the Hat" lady.
Some say that creative artists are strange people. Well, perhaps this is so, but oh, what color and dimension they add to the human drama of life. I am glad to be counted among them. After all, wordsmithing is quite an art and it comes from exercising our imagination. In my new e-book soon to be released, I wrote:

Some stories are written from a vivid imagination and woven like threads in a tapestry to form a tale alive with color and contrast. Some are mere ideas, methodically and carefully framed and put into words. But others are the true experiences of life lived, of stories more wonderful than fiction could ever produce and the writer holds the pen.       
Blessings to you all and keep writing,
Ruth Ellinger, President
Brandon Christian Writers

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