Saturday, February 4, 2012

January 2012 Meeting -- New Officers

Hello BCW members,

Our January meeting opened with election of new officers the first hour and viewing of the seminar film, "Making the Mummies Dance,” the second hour. This was a fantastic start for the new year.

After founding BCW ten years ago and serving as your president for that time, I have retired from the position. I felt the group needed a fresh perspective to help writers move forward in their writing journey. Cheryl Johnston, our  newly elected president, is just the person for the job. Cheryl was unanimously elected and is well qualified to fill the position. Her teaching and writing expertise has been helpful and her lovely personality makes her an inspiration to the group. So get behind Cheryl and let her lead you into this new year. Vice President is Debora Coty, Secretary, Sharron Cosby, and our treasurer remains, Sand de Laski. Yippee!

I have enjoyed leading the group this past ten years and will remain a part of BCW and enjoy less responsibility and more time to take on new projects.

BCW will meet again Feb. 23 with the duly elected officers taking the reins.

Blessings to all,
Former president, Ruth Carmichael Ellinger 

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