Friday, February 24, 2012

Thanks to Our Guest Speaker, Tim Barrios

The Brandon Christian Writers meeting was packed with information about epublishing. A big thanks to our guest speaker, Tim Barrios of Impact Media Creations. 

As promised, he has provided links for and advice about images that can be used in designing book covers in the following letter:

Thanks for inviting me to speak to the writers group. It seemed like a good discussion.Here is some information for the group on some of the things we discussed. 
Royalty Free artwork and photography websites: – very reasonable prices and a wide selection. I think users have to buy a minimum of $15 worth of credits. Lots of the images on this sight only require 3 credits for a high resolution 5x8 image.
If in doubt as to what size image to buy, any of the group members can shoot me an email. was mentioned tonight by one of the ladies who has had several book published. I have never used this particular site, but they do have very reasonable prices from what I saw. has a wide selection and have been around for a while. They are often pricier than the other two companies.
Remember, when choosing your image(s), don’t purchase an image that’s too small. It may look nice on the computer screen, but medium and high resolution artwork is needed if you ever intend to use the image on a printed cover or on other print media (like business cards or bookmarks).
Royalty free images are less expensive than Rights Exclusive images and can be purchased by multiple people. Some companies pull the images after they’ve been online for a while or after it’s been sold over a certain number of times. Some companies also tell you the number of times the image has been purchased.
I will follow up with more tips soon.
Tim Barrios
Impact Media Creations
Graphic & Website Design
Affordable Full Color Printing
Tampa, FL 33610
Ph. 813.655.0639

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